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RPG Acting Class

Rexamar LORES.jpg


10a - 12p

ages 16+

Luminary Arts Studio


Role-playing games, or RPGs, are popular because they allow players to inhabit different characters and explore new worlds and scenarios. Here is what we will be learning in this class:


Character creation: In an RPG, players often spend a lot of time creating their characters, developing backstories, and imagining how they would act in different situations. This class will begin by having students create their own characters, complete with personalities, motivations, and quirks. We will practice improvisation exercises and scenes that allow them to explore how their characters would react to different situations.


Improvisation: RPGs often involve a lot of improvisation, as players make up their own dialogue and actions based on the situation at hand. We will be exercising these skills by encouraging students to think on their feet and come up with creative responses to prompts. For example, students will be given a scenario (such as "your party is lost in a haunted forest" and asked what their characters would do in this scenario.


Storytelling: RPGs are essentially collaborative storytelling, with each player contributing to the overall narrative. This class will focus on storytelling by having students work together to create a story. They will be interacting with different characters, experimenting with different emotions and motivations, learning about the world they travel in, and building a cohesive narrative together.


Combat and action scenes: Many RPGs involve combat and action scenes, which can be exciting and dramatic. Sometimes, the solution to conflict doesn’t always have to be violence. This class will explore these scenes by placing the student’s characters into combat scenarios and working together to find creative solutions to avoid encounters or work together to choreograph elaborate fight scenes. This will allow students to practice their out-of-the-box thinking and learn how to create mind blowing action scenes.


Overall, This class is geared to be both fun and challenging, allowing students to develop their acting skills while exploring their creativity and imagination.

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